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Heart of Releasing, Inc. is here to bring Releasing to everyone in the world.

Releasing is a simple and very profound process that anyone can use.

By letting go of negative thoughts, feelings and emotional blocks we immediately become more loving, peaceful, happy and successful!

Heart of Releasing
Kate Freeman, Founder, Heart of Releasing
Kate Freeman, Founder, Heart of Releasing
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Lester Levenson, Father of Releasing
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I recently took part in the Loving It All retreat with Kate Freeman. It was an amazing journey into releasing everything that is not Love and allowing the Eternal Love Presence that we are to simply be and shine. Kate is a master teacher who demonstrates infinite Love and Compassion. She is a beacon of the Divine Mother energy into this world. Working with her is a gift and connecting with all the wonderful people in the Heart of Releasing community is precious.


I worked with Kate on an income goal for the year and started releasing on it daily. After a couple of weeks, I needed to find a course to help me in my business. Unfortunately, only 350 of them had been released and the course cost $2,900. I just kept releasing on my income goal… and… one of my clients told me off the cuff that he had the course and wanted to give me access. That was amazing. I ended up getting a personal copy of the course for nothing. Not only did I save $2,900… but… its contents have opened up a number of opportunities I would have never had without it. Thank you Kate.


I have no words to express what this course has meant to me. It has been the most wonderful experience I’ve had as a releaser. I’m glad you encouraged me to sign up. I have discovered really fantastic people with whom I feel to have a bond based on respect and love. Part of my program is that my mind always criticizes my teachers. None is enough. With you, however, my mind has had no where to cling to. Thank you so much for everything.


Heart of Releasing Testimonials

I’ve been releasing most of my life and when I found the opportunity to embark on teacher training with Kate Freeman, I was beyond excited. As high as my expectations were, she beyond exceeded them.

Kate is a true, modern day master. Her ability to lovingly and gently guide me into mastering my own emotions while helping me do the same for others was a gift of a lifetime. Kate so deeply understands human behavior and emotions and has allowed me to see with incredible clarity and pin-point accuracy what is operating for others and how to support them into their greatest light.

There is a loving gentleness in her teaching and a power to her approach that is so life altering I can feel it any time I think about her.

Her time spent with Lester Levenson and other Masters and her deep depiction of her own freedom is evident in her teaching and she has done as much for honoring the teachings as anybody I know.

Kate has found a way to teach how to attain personal freedom in a tangible way, and so clearly guides you in working with her so that you can do the same.

I will forever be thankful for her love, support, and guidance in helping me experience freedom through the path of serving others.

If you are ready for your own freedom and want to serve others, take advantage of working with Kate, a modern day master. ”

Matt Solomon

Being with Kate is like being with a heartbeat.


Kate has diligently applied her Releasing “craft” across many years of issue-filled living, growing as she went. Now she takes both beginning Releasers and old veterans and coaches them effectively toward the unfolding of their souls.


This retreat has been all about great clarity. The ego with the light of awareness Its wanting survival and how all the programs and stories are derived from it. The ego can’t touch me anymore. It doesn’t exist. Its only thoughts and feelings. When feelings arise or programs start to run I can see it in the light and let it go effortlessly.

The atmosphere of the retreat was amazing. Small, intimate and very personal, great teachers, great participants that allowed the truth to shine and come forth.

Thank you for this exceptional experience. I came out full of truth in my inner guidance and indeed it was a giant leap forward.


Heart of Releasing

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