About Heart of Releasing

About Heart of Releasing

Heart of Releasing, Inc. began as Center for Releasing, Inc. in 2015 by lifelong friends and Releasers, Kate Freeman and Rick Solomon.  

Rick and Kate were both trained by Lester Levenson to be Releasing teachers in the 1980s. They were excited to share with the world in a much larger way Lester’s simple and very deep way of Releasing. 

They trained many coaches and teachers, created varied courses and profound retreats.  They shared this vibrant way of Releasing with so many around the world as CFR grew.

In 2018, Rick decided to bring his teaching of releasing into the business community through his company, The Center for Enlightened Business. At the same time, Kate changed the name to Heart of Releasing, Inc. and began to make BIG changes.

Heart of Releasing has evolved and will continue to evolve as needs change.  We are so grateful to Rick and all the others who have been a great part of our EVOLution.

Heart of Releasing, Inc. is growing more and more all around the world as we share this beautiful Release Process™.

Our goal is to share Releasing with more countries, more people every year.  We have been active in the USA, UK, Israel, Spain, France, Hong Kong, South Korea, Canada, Netherlands, India, Yemen, Australia, and many other countries.  More to come!

Heart of Releasing