Addiction Free!

Unwelcome Habits Abolished

Kate Freeman

Course will be delivered with recordings and downloadable workbooks.

12 sessions of recordings. Each recording is 1 to 2 hours.

The Basic Releasing Course is required to be taken for the Addictions course.
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I am 45 with a type A personality, extremely high energy and achieved financial success in my early 30s. I got married in my early 30s and had two beautiful children.  To the outside world I seemed to have it all and some looked up to me.  The reality was that even though I had a lot of energy and external success I was mentally exhausted, full of anxiety, had a lot of self-doubt and didn’t like who I was.  I couldn’t seem to enjoy myself in any situation no matter what.  

In my early 30’s I became addicted to alcohol and it progressed into my early 40’s.  My success in the business world continued however my home life was suffering as a result of my addiction.  Since 2007 I tried to get sober and had no success.

Each morning I would wake up with fear, anxiety, depression and racing thoughts.  The anxiety was so bad at times that I could not function.  The majority of the time I would wake up and ask God to please to take me as I felt that it was too painful and I could not go on in this world.  

I was introduced to Heart of Releasing and began to work with Kate Freeman. After my first 2 sessions with Kate my anxiety and fears subsided, it was profound.  I have tried all types of medications in the past and did not get these results. The technique is so simple and logical, I wanted more.  I continued to work with Kate and within 2 weeks I completely shifted, I began to love myself, enjoy the simple things in life and everything around me started to change.  I could not go 1 day without a drink for 10 years and today I am sober, truly feel free of worry and stress and most importantly I am happy with who I am.


Do you ever feel that your habits, or maybe even an addiction, run you, instead of you running them?


You may say, “I don’t have addictions.”

But do you ever do anything that you wish you didn’t?

Do you eat foods that aren’t good for you? Or spend your time doing something and realize later that it was just wasted time?

Whether you have a real addiction – it could be to food, sex, TV or even work, we all have habits that don’t serve us.


This course will be focused on breaking through these old patterns and deciding to do just what serves you, what you want to do. Dropping the ingrained habits and old addictions will help us all to have that clean and clear life that we’ve wanted for such a long time.

And as we look for these habits and/or addictions, we will see deeply into why they are so hard to eliminate.

We will begin to understand the push-pull of them – the true love/hate we have for them that keeps them stuck in us.

And then, of course, we’ll let go of the underlying decision, the things we’re avoiding by doing the habit or addiction.

And we’ll be free of them if we let them go. If you let these old patterns go, you will truly be free of the addiction, the unwelcome or negative habits that run your life.

So are you ready? Would you like to feel like you’re in charge of your life? As though you choose what to eat, what to drink or what to partake of? Isn’t it time to make you the ‘official in charge’ of this life?

Just how free would you feel if you didn’t feel pulled by habits, substances, food or liquor?


Can’t you imagine how much better life would be?

This course will give you a huge leg up – to that new free life that is possible now.

And if you’ve stopped drinking, taking drugs or already have your weight under control, wouldn’t you like to have that old urge gone too?

If you’re ready to let it all go, come and join us for Addiction Free. And we’re going to have fun with it – after all, letting go is FUN.

Being free in life is about the best feeling there is!

We will be working very deeply and coming out of it freer than we ever thought we could.  

Can you imagine how much better you will feel??

Kate is a master teacher who demonstrates infinite Love and Compassion. She is a beacon of the Divine Mother energy into this world. Working with her is a gift and connecting with all the wonderful people in the Heart of Releasing community is precious.


One of the most beautiful things about participating in courses and retreats with Heart of Releasing, is to notice the wonderful transformations happening to the people who are letting go. People are shining more and more me included.


About Kate Freeman


Kate Freeman, Founder, Heart of Releasing

Kate has been facilitating Releasing courses, retreats and coaching sessions for over 35 years.

Kate brings a tender but knowing attention to her work with clients, often facilitating life-changing shifts with the gentleness of a whisper.

Her focus is in mirroring true presence so that students and clients can feel very safe and grounded while delving into their next challenge and letting it go very quickly.

Kate’s ability to help them drop anything in the way of their pure Unlimitedness is profound. She facilitates retreats, courses and coaching worldwide.

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Addiction Free!

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