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Hey Kate,

I hope I am not annoying you with my questions…

However, there’s one thing I have been meaning to ask you about.

In some class recordings you ask “feel deep into that feeling, what is it wanting?” Or in another recording which I listened to today, a woman said “I can’t be safe if I have money” and you answered “Stop right there, that “I can’t be safe if I have money, what is it wanting?” So I am not asking what I am wanting, I as the observer, I as the awareness of thoughts and feeling, but what the feelings or thoughts want, what their specific purpose in that moment is?


Dear Robin,

I always love to hear from you. No annoyance at all….

Though they are YOUR thoughts and feelings, it helps sometimes to ask what they are wanting. It does feel that way, eh? As though they want something or are connected to the wanting control, approval or safety. Then you can Release it.

If we ask, “What are YOU wanting, it calls the ego, which usually says, “Oh I didn’t want anything!” 😉 So we ask the feeling or want, what it wants and it is less personal so the Releasing happens naturally and deeply, if you are feeling deeply into it.

I hope this is clear. I hadn’t thought of it in this way exactly before, so your question brought it forth. Let me know if another question comes.

Have a wonderful day and feel free to ask more questions.

In Love and Freedom,


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