Certified Coaching
with Brenda Gold | Heart of Releasing™

Heart of Releasing Coach - Brenda GoldBrenda Gold is a Certified Releasing Coach with Heart of Releasing™. She has been formally Releasing for 3 years, though she sometimes feels as though she has been Releasing all her life.

Brenda’s interests show her caring and helpful attitude toward others.  She was the former CEO of a local YWCA and Director of a Health Care Clinic specializing in Trauma and PTSD recovery. She was a manager of programs for persons with physical and emotional disabilities, and a registered Physiotherapist working in hospitals and homecare. She is a yoga instructor and a recognized practitioner of Chi Gung.

Most recently she has benefited from Releasing with Heart of Releasing™  in moving through the loss of her husband, who was her greatest supporter, fan, friend, colleague and companion.

Brenda can bring to your sessions:

  • Help you center in on the fundamentals of what it feels like to experience goodness, wisdom, truth and love in your life.
  • Sensitivity to the conflicts central to childhood trauma or other traumas and to guide you through the experience of growing beyond them to emotional freedom.
  • Open to working with your experience of truth and honoring the wisdom of your knowledge of yourself.

Session Details:

  • 60-minute private session with a Certified Releasing Coach with Heart of Releasing™
  • Meeting via Zoom, in private and personal room link
  • One time fee: $100.00
  • Three sessions for a fee of $250 (saving of $50)