Coaching with Certified Heart of Releasing™ Coaches & Teachers

Coaching with Certified Heart of Releasing™ Coaches & Teachers

Our Certified Coaches have undergone an extensive training program with Kate Freeman, who trained directly with Lester Levenson, the father of Releasing.  With this powerful training and their own personal Releasing background as a strong foundation,  our CC’s are fully engaged in helping you begin or continue your empowered Releasing journey, growing all the way!

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Heart of Releasing Coaches - This is the sign

Tonight as I was driving home an old grievance popped into my mind. As my thoughts started down a familiar road, I had enough awareness to stop and ask myself, “Do I want Freedom or do I want to keep holding on to this resentment?” And just like that, after 5 years, I let it go. Joining the Heart of Releasing membership really spurred me to dig in deep. And because I got the annual package I also received a complimentary coaching session. I chose to work with Donna Gee and she is amazing! She answered all of my questions about releasing and helped me to go deeper in a short amount of time. So grateful for everything offered here and for the incredible support and community.

Barbara Stokes


Heart of Releasing Coach - Brenda Gold

Brenda Gold

Brend Gold is a Certified Releasing Coach with Heart of Releasing™. In some ways, she feels she has been Releasing her whole life. Learn more about Brenda here >>

Heart of Releasing Coach - Issac Orzech

Isaac Orzech

Isaac Orzech is a Certified Releasing Coach with Heart of Releasing™ who has been Releasing for over 10 years. He brings patience, insight, caring and deep support to each client, throughout each session. Learn more about Isaac here >>

Heart of Releasing Coach - Kristian Flem

Kristian Flem

Kristian Flem is a Certified Releasing Coach with Heart of Releasing™ and has been Releasing since 2006. He hopes to inspire and support others in a powerful way with their Releasing journey. Learn more about Kristian here >>

Heart of Releasing Coach - Donna Gee

Donna Gee

Donna is a registered Physiotherapist in Hong Kong and Canada. She started her self discovery/personal journey in 1998 and has learned many different healing methods and counseling. She did not believe that emotions could affect the physical body until she experienced it first hand with one of her clients. Today, she has facilitated many of her clients and friends in Releasing. Of all the methods/techniques Donna has learned, Releasing is the one that has stayed with her as a consistent and reliable process to practice and bring about the unfolding of life with its infinite possibilities. Could life get any better? LET GO and FIND OUT. Learn more about Donna here >>

Sessions Details

  • 60 minute session with a Certified Releasing Coach with Heart of Releasing™
  • Meeting via Zoom, in private and personal room link
  • One time fee: $100.00
  • Three sessions for a fee of $250 (saving of $50)

Kate Freeman, founder of Heart of Releasing, continues to provide private coaching. Please visit this page below for more information on scheduling a session with Kate.