Certified Coaching
with Donna Gee | Heart of Releasing™

Heart of Releasing Coach - Donna GeeDonna first learned about Releasing in 2014. She heard someone over the telephone “dissolve” someone’s headache using Lester’s way of Releasing. As a physiotherapist, Donna had to find out how that was done. She signed up immediately for an introductory course and her journey of Releasing was launched.

Donna was always in her head, criticized often for thinking too much, analysing everything. It was easy for Donna to start hating her mind and wishing she was different. In 2014, Donna was a single mom with 4 sons, living in Hong Kong and working full time. Needless to say, there was a lot of stress in her life and Donna wondered often if she would ever experience joy, be able to laugh at life and herself, and experience that unfamiliar concept of a “quiet mind.”

Thanks to Releasing, wonderful Releasing partners, attending many retreats/courses, and intensive Releasing through joining the Coach Certification course with Heart of Releasing, Donna started to feel the love and joy of life. A quiet mind became more familiar to her, and there were so many changes in her life that she was able to face with a genuine inner peace and calm.

Donna is a registered Physiotherapist in Hong Kong and Canada. She started her self discovery/personal journey in 1998 and has learned many different healing methods and counseling. She did not believe that emotions could affect the physical body until she experienced it first hand with one of her clients. Today, she has facilitated many of her clients and friends in Releasing. Of all the methods/techniques Donna has learned, Releasing is the one that has stayed with her as a consistent and reliable process to practice and bring about the unfolding of life with its infinite possibilities. Could life get any better? LET GO and FIND OUT.

Donna can bring to your sessions:

  • Help you center in on the fundamentals of what it feels like to experience goodness, wisdom, truth and love in your life.
  • Sensitivity to the conflicts central to childhood trauma or other traumas and to guide you through the experience of growing beyond them to emotional freedom.
  • Open to working with your experience of truth and honoring the wisdom of your knowledge of yourself.

Session Details:

  • 60-minute private session with a Certified Releasing Coach with Heart of Releasing™
  • Meeting via Zoom, in private and personal room link
  • One time fee: $100.00
  • Three sessions for a fee of $250 (saving of $50)