Private Coaching with Kate
Private Coaching with Kate

Have you been seeking personal fulfillment?

Are you unsatisfied with the path your life is taking?

Are you confused about where to go next?

When you face difficulties in life,
do they consume you?

Well, friend, you are in the right place.

Kate Freeman, Founder, Heart of Releasing

My name is Kate Freeman, and I am the Founder of Heart of Releasing, Inc.
And I have been where you are!
My Releasing experience began on a
hot summer day in 1981.

Back then, I made a decision I will forever be grateful for. It led me into facilitating Releasing courses, retreats and coaching sessions for over 38 years. My treasured mentors are Lester Levenson, the father of Releasing and the great American sage, Robert Adams. The wisdom they shared is an integral part of my teaching. You can read more about Lester ​here.


What I Do:

Bringing a gentle and knowing attention to the Releasing work with clients, they can feel safe to share anything. Here are a few gains (or accomplishments) clients report:


  • Making life-changing shifts with the gentleness of a whisper.
  • Saw a deep example of their own freedom through my teaching.
  • They attain more personal freedom in a tangible way.
  • Discover the truth through their own inner guidance.


Through a One-on-One Session, you can expect


  • Mirrored presence, so that you feel very safe and grounded while delving into your next challenge and letting it go very quickly.
  • Profound help in dropping anything in the way of pure Unlimitedness.
  • Help you have the truest desires of your heart.
  • See beyond your desire, into the Truth of your knowing
  • Find the core belief or decision that you have lived your life from and let it go. 

Session Details

Session Details - Private Coaching with Kate

One Coaching Session with Kate

A. One time coaching session with Kate

  • 60 minute session with Kate
  • Meeting via Zoom, in private and personal room link
  • One time fee: $200.00
Six Months Coaching with Kate
6 sessions with Kate

B. 6 coaching sessions

  • 6 – 60 minute sessions with Kate
  • $175 for each session, paid upfront $1050, a savings of $300!
Three Months Coaching with Kate

3 sessions with Kate

C. 3 sessions with Kate

  • 3 – 60 minute sessions with Kate
  • Sessions can roll over up to two months
  • $183.33 per session, $550/month for 3 months, a $50/month savings
  • Total of 9 sessions


Testimonials - Coaching with Kate“Thank you for this exceptional experience. I came out full of truth in my inner guidance and indeed it was a giant leap forward.” – Rivka
Testimonials - Coaching with Kate“Kate is a true, modern day master. Her ability to lovingly and gently guide me into mastering my own emotions while helping me do the same for others was a gift of a lifetime. Kate so deeply understands human behavior and emotions and has allowed me to see with incredible clarity and pin-point accuracy what is operating for others and how to support them into their greatest light.” – Matt Solomon

Testimonials - Coaching with Kate“I have no words to express what this course has meant to me. It has been the most wonderful experience I’ve had as a releaser. I’m glad you encouraged me to sign up. I have discovered really fantastic people with whom I feel to have a bond based on respect and love. Part of my program is that my mind always criticizes my teachers. None is enough. With you, however, my mind has had no where to cling to. Thank you so much for everything.” – Raphael

Kate Freeman - Founder, Heart of Releasing Inc.

About Kate

Kate Freeman is the Founder of Heart of Releasing, Inc. Kate lives in Washington State near her three children and many grandchildren. She loves to spend family time with them and also hike and kayak in the beauty of the Northwest.


  • Facilitated retreats, courses and coaching worldwide.
  • Nearly 40 years of releasing experience, personally and teaching others
  • Learned at the foot of Lester Levenson, the father of Releasing and the great American sage, Robert Adams. More details about their journeys here.