Dreams, Nightmares, & Releasing

Those who struggle with nightmares know that it can be very overwhelming. They can consume you without you realizing what’s going on with you. I felt I was living two parallel lives when I had an issue with nightmares and sleep disorders. The one with my eyes open in this physical plane and the other one was in my dreams. I used to wake up feeling very heavy as if I had a big load of grief, confusion and sadness. I used to feel anxious before going to sleep. It always took some amount of energy to get out of that foggy mood in those mornings and align my mind for the new day. There was a point in my life I would write sad poetry while on the way to work in the morning. I used to have a couple of cups of strong Indian Masala Chai (tea, special spices, milk & sugar) to begin my day at work. By now you can well imagine how badly I was being dragged by those feelings.

I never took this problem as a substantial thing. I thought it was normal. I used to get dreams about rainy grey weather very frequently and I used to feel very dejected in those dreams and then the same feelings would roll on in the morning as well. When years later, I started releasing on my sleep disorder and dreams, I happened to find traumatic experiences in my childhood coupled with then-existing life crises were the reasons I was having this issue. Of course, I did release that stuff very deeply. During one of the courses with Kate Freeman, I happened to learn about cleanups. It is releasing with a very specific intention in your heart. So, before going to sleep I release and clean up my day’s happening. And when I wake up I release my dreams and overall feelings. If you are already a releaser, you can buy the downloadable cleanups called Masters of Daily Releasing by Kate Freeman. This will build your releasing momentum beautifully.

My relationship with my dreams and sleep has improved multifold. I still do get dreams in my sleep. But now those are not overwhelming. Just a few days back, I had a dream that I was waiting for a train at a crowded railway station. I felt it was too crowded so I started releasing in my dream only. The guy next to me threw a stone at the donkeys who were passing by the railway tracks on the opposite side. I thought to myself in that dream why this guy is inviting trouble for himself. The moment the rock hit one of the donkeys, that creature turned its neck in our direction and looked at us with its eyebrows up as if – how dare you! And instantly, a pair of green wings grew on its back. In a fraction of a second, it came flying attacking us. I was swift like a Disney movie lead character and got myself out of its way. I was reminded I too have superpowers to protect myself in such situations. After I woke up I just let go of the whole experience of this dream by releasing. I don’t want to have attachments with my superpowers and dreams as I did have aversions to my nightmares at one point of time in my life.

Those who wonder what is releasing / Heart of Releasing?

It is an active meditation method to let go of negative emotions, feelings, blocks, habits and patterns, and programs. It came into my life when I was going through a prolonged phase of suffering and was left with no hopes. Back then, I surrendered myself to releasing to survive and now I am doing far better than I could imagine. In fact, I reorganized my life around releasing and I am in the middle of becoming a coach to bring the release process to the Indian subcontinent and other parts of the world.

If you are looking for a supportive FREE community of Releasers, you can join the Heart of Releasing Facebook Group anytime. We hope to see you there!

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