february, 2023

11feb9:00 am11:00 amCourse: Unlimited LoveFebruary: 11th, 12th, & 18th
9-11AM & 3-5PM Pacific Time

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We are calling this month’s course Unlimited Love because often human love is very limited. We’re always looking for: “what are we going to get” from this love? How are they treating us? Do they really love us?

Is there a reason that they love us? We’re always analyzing…balancing…looking for human love, and real (divine) love is unlimited.

That doesn’t mean that you’re letting yourself be taken advantage of or walked on or being a rug under their feet. It’s that you love so much it overflows, and that’s divine love!

That’s what Lester had. He had this tremendous love that was just there for everyone. He didn’t need to say anything or do anything, he just loved! It made him so adorable and warm. People would often say, “He is SO cute!”

How can you unlock that unlimited love in yourself? How can you find it in the world? How can you find it beyond the world?

Come join us in February and find out!

Let’s all fall in like – or in love – together!


(Saturday) 9:00 am - 11:00 am