How to Handle Tough Decisions and Make Better Choices

Here is an email that I received from a member of the Heart of Releasing community.

I have a question that might be all a good fit for the group. It is regarding decisions that we get to make, especially during these challenging times.

How would you recommend we deal with tough decisions, like making bold moves, changing our life-paths, careers and making better choices in general?

Here’s my answer:

The very best way to make decisions with Releasing is to do either Likes/Dislikes or Advantages and Disadvantages.

To do Likes/Dislikes, draw a line vertically at the center of the page. Put the issue at the top on a horizontal line.

For instance, if you’re considering moving, you can put the address on the horizontal line at the top and start with what you like (on the left part of the page)

See below:

Moving to 503 Adams St, Atlanta

Likes Dislikes
the neighborhood w/a Too far from work w/c
Close to Mom w/a Restaurants nearby aren’t great w/ch
All the greenery w/a Far from Emily’s house w/a w/s
Hate moving w/ch Furniture might not fit w/a
Expensive w/s Great investment w/s
My dream home w/a Would constrain my travel $$ w/s

You might also want to do Likes/Dislikes of ‘Not moving to 503 Adams St, Atlanta’, which would bring up other likes and dislikes.

So as you see, you’re writing down each thing that comes up and then letting go on the want that you feel.

Likes/Dislikes has a sister way of working – Advantages/Disadvantages

Advantage to me of moving to Atlanta Disadvantage to me of moving to Atlanta
I love the city w/a Huge expense w/s
Great Southern food w/a My job isn’t there w/s

And again you could do the other side of it after you’ve worked on the adv/disadv. of moving to Atlanta, do Adv/Disadv. of not moving to Atlanta. It changes the perspective and brings up different things.

Keep doing these exercises until you feel totally clear on it. It may take many pages but it will help with clarity and seeing what is true.

You can also use these ways of working on addictions. Very powerful!!

Let me know how you do with all this.

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