Thinking About Gratitude

I cannot help but start to think about gratitude. From what I am daily grateful for to how I came about being grateful in the first place. Somehow, it always comes back to my kids.

I am grateful for my kids. And here is a surprising fact: I never made my children say thank you.

Are you shocked?

You probably are thinking “Kate’s children must be spoiled rotten!”

I can assure you that is not the case, at all.

I never made my children say thank you because from an early age I knew that it had to come from a deep place inside: true gratitude. I would always encourage them to be grateful. Always.

But I never made them say thank you because I really felt like it needed to come from their own thankfulness. Their opening. Their love.

And what’s more interesting is that as a five year old, I knew there was a difference between being told to say thank you and being truly grateful for an experience.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on gratitude. Does your mind go immediately to gratitude at Thanksgiving time or other special times of the year? How is it different for you this year? Comment below and let me know or share it on any of our social channels below.

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