Immersion In Being Retreat

April 28th - May 4th

Live Online via Zoom

It is so easy to fall into the trap of believing that Freedom is in the future, something to be chased after or pursued for eons.

We can spend years, decades, or perhaps even lifetimes in this pursuit; a struggle that has captured many of us for a long time.

So many of you have had beautiful glimpses or “free samples” of this ultimate happiness. Yet still you find yourself chasing it, looking for it in the future, down the road.

Every moment it is available to us, if we but stop and look for it exactly where it is.

Why not stop this chasing and uncover this Happiness, this Peace beyond understanding, where it is right now?

This retreat is about stopping the search and immersing yourself in the simple Peace and Happiness of your ever present, all knowing Being. It is not about coming here to work, to strive, to try to be what you are, but to drop all effort so what you always, already are may be recognized in every moment. Uncovered, once and for all.

We will enjoy gentle guided meditations, insight – spurring discussions and free time to relax into your true nature, deeper and deeper. The ease of finding what never left, what was never lost.

Come join us for an extraordinary experience that offers the opportunity to be all that you are, clearly and ultimately.

Online Only

Raises to $997 on April 21st @ 11:59PM Pacific Time

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