Are you ready to let life be a Joy, an Ease?

When I first began to Release, so many things in my life fell into place. After years of struggle, trouble, “efforting” and failure, it all seemed to suddenly be so easy. As I Released, I would have huge insights about how I had made life difficult, from stomping hard on the gas as stoplights changed, to working two jobs for extra money that I could easily live without; I saw so much.

I decided that I could allow others to help me.

I could receive gifts.

I could have time off and vacations (something I’m still practicing today).

It was a brilliant shift in the way I saw the world.

There were times when I made it hard again, but for the most part, so long as I kept letting go, the river of life just flowed and took me where I needed to go.

Life became easier and easier. Almost like a beautiful painting that came to life.

And I saw so many others do this too. Oftentimes, they would come into a course downtrodden and full of problems, but as they Released, life became easier and easier. Their problems fell away and they got happier and happier.

It was so much fun to watch them transform everything so easily. Yes, sometimes they would fall back into the problems (and I did too) but with every Release, a bit of struggle and unhappiness fell away. The results were always far better than they would have been without Releasing.
So are you ready to let life be a Joy, an Ease? Come join us online for these magical days in May and change your life to one from your dreams! You can learn more about the “UN-struggle Retreat” here.

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