Lester’s Legacy

Lester Levenson & Kate

Lester Levenson was born in Elizabeth, NJ on July 19, 1909.  He was a bright and resourceful child, with an inquiring mind and a shy way of being.  Though quiet, his mind was always trying to learn, to be productive and to be all he could be.

He was given a full scholarship to Rutgers University when there were few given.  With such a brilliant mind, college was easier for him than for most. He became very successful in business right away, and over the years had restaurants, heating and cooling, lumber yards and construction businesses.

Life was busy and often stressful.  He began to use drugs to get energy, to put himself to sleep, to keep his stomach from hurting, and on and on.

Then in 1952, he had his second major heart attack.  The doctor told him to go home and take it very easy.  He said don’t even bend over to tie shoes because it would put so much strain on Lester’s heart that he would die.

Lester, being the scientist and a person who was driven always, went ‘back to the lab’ – himself.  He decided since he had never really been happy for any period of time, he was going to use the time he had left to find true happiness.

As he began to explore inside, he realized that he was happiest when he was loving, not just when he was loved. He decided to find all the places in his past that he wasn’t loving and correct them.  So he did. And as he ‘corrected it with Love’, as he said, things started to change very dramatically and quickly.

He worked on other aspects of his past, where he wanted to change things – the government, the way things were in town, the way people acted, the weather, really everything.  And then he saw the fear of dying – that was everywhere too. As he cleared and cleared his past, the joy and bigger energy kept coming. He described the joy that came as becoming ‘almost uncomfortable.’  And then after feeling that joy bubbling up with more and more intensity, he finally asked, “What is beyond this?”

He described the next step as, “And I stepped into the peace…..”

After his transformation, with all the new understanding he seemed to know everything.  He could ask a question inside and the answer would come. He saw how people had seen part of something and then gone off into a misunderstanding because of what they hadn’t yet seen.

And he did some amazing things – that really seemed impossible but he found that they were possible, if he thought so.  And he began to see how far he could take this new knowing… He realized that his body was healed too. And only a few short months ago, he had been ‘dying.’

Out of his explorations into the knowing, he began to speak to others – in NY and California and a few other places.  Then he was drawn to move to Sedona, Arizona where he bought a ranch and taught people there.

Others joined him for a time and then they left.  And then others would join and finally he realized that with the method that was beginning to come through, they were making more progress.

He said that he broke up the ranch and cottage group because they weren’t growing much when he wasn’t there.  So he began to help people let go, using the Release Process™

Lester Levenson, Father of Releasing

Over the next few years, the course became more cohesive and more easily taught.  He said the students were all moving much more quickly and they didn’t develop an attachment to him or the teachers who taught the courses.  They were doing it on their own. He was so excited about this direction.

Lester now just came to the retreats to give a talk or encourage everyone to keep going.  He explained some things that made the growth and what caused it more understandable. And he enjoyed seeing everyone getting excited about being free or imperturbable, as he called it.

For the next several decades, he was a constant presence for so many.  His assistance and encouragement was a huge motivator.

Lester had decided long ago, when he realized that he could create his body living forever, that he would ‘let the body do what it would.’ And in 1994, he quietly left his body.

He had said for a while that we would grow faster once he was gone – that we wouldn’t be depending on him but would go all the way.

It has happened that way for many of us.  Some openings have been temporary, and others have been complete and total.

Releasing has become a tool for the ages.

Heart of Releasing