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The goal of Releasing is simple…

Complete liberation, limitlessness… Total Awareness, Self Realization.

Because as Lester Levenson, the creator of the Release Processtm said…

“Unlimited happiness is our
very basic nature!”

The problem is we’ve done away with this joy and happiness by pretending to be “an individual, separate from the All.”

That’s when the trouble started – when we began looking away from our true nature.

Here’s something that might surprise you…

You are, in fact, self-realized right here and now

So why haven’t you noticed it yet?

Well, you might have and simply not made the connection.

Because most of us are constantly looking away from it even when we’re Releasing.

Our focus goes back automatically out there in the world.

If you would like to see the truth – and break free from the delusion of separation once and for all – I invite you to attend our October retreat.

Hi, my name is Kate Freeman.

The Living from Freedom in Every Moment Retreat is a live in-person or online event that grew out of my intention to help people live FROM Freedom… instead of… always being focused on “getting there” by letting go.

You see, there’s actually nowhere to get to.

There is no “there” to find the truth of who you are.

It’s here.

It’s now.

And it always has been.

Kate Freeman, Founder, Heart of Releasing

Now it’s just a matter of seeing it for yourself… and… knowing how to refocus when it seems to slip away. Because it’s always available, ever-present, right where you are.

My intention is for you to come to…

Know this truth during
this profound retreat

We will begin with Releasing to “go high” and quiet the mind.

From there, you will use a specific self-inquiry process to notice and take your stand as the Awareness/Beingness you are.

And you’ll begin to experience what it’s like to walk into life from Awareness as Awareness – living each day from this ultimate truth from now on.

Our focus will be to deconstruct the illusion of separation.

You will engage in specific exercises to see through this false veil.

You will experience your true nature to the extent you are ready for it.

And you will step deeper into this truth from day to day from now on.

What does this mean to you?

Ultimately, the blocks to being what you truly are will melt away.

You will experience the Oneness and Unity of everything – of YOU!

As we move forward together in this exploration, the Joy and Light that we are becomes more and more apparent.

The peace becomes deeper and truly more accessible as we notice it beneath all the problems, all the holdbacks and below every single idea of limitation.

It is always there, just waiting for us to look, to BE it.

This is the one retreat you simply don’t want to miss because…

What you re-discover here
will be your … Self.

And that is priceless.

Come and join us for a very special 3+ days of finding your own Self and living from there in every moment.

We will have music, both singing and instrumental, led by the talented team of Heart of Releasing Coaches, Kristin and Vincent. They will help us move deeper inside with music, sound and the real Love they embody.

If you’ve wondered what it would be like to be truly Free, now you’ll know.

You’ll get to experience it – and live it – more and more in every day of your life.

As our dear friend Lester often said, “Thou Art That.”

Come and find the truth of it.

Put all your troubles and ideas of limitation down.

Join this lovely group and be your Self.

Here’s everything you need to know about the retreat…

Retreat Details

Name: Living From Freedom In Every Moment
Presented By: Heart of Releasing Master Teacher
Kate Freeman
Date: October 11, 12, 13 & 14
(Check-In October 11 after 4 pm)
Location: Ananda Ashram
13 Sapphire Road
Monroe, New York 10950
(60 minutes north of NYC)
Tuition & Lodging: On Site:
Semi-private room (2 people) $847* per person
Dorm room (4 – 6 people) $747* per person
Camping (bring tent & bedding) $647* per person
Day rate (commuter rate and meals) $647*
Online $547 per person
* Rate for these packages include our amazing program, delicious vegetarian meals, and optional yoga and meditation

For more information or to register
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    This amazing Retreat can be experienced with seven recorded sessions.