Manifesting From Power Retreat



Create the world you’ve dreamed of – so easily!

This live online retreat will have you letting in Abundance, Love and your true Power in no time.

What a way to start a year, from power and having!!

December 27 – January 1st.

Come and begin 2020 with your Power and Manifesting unveiled!!

Sessions will start at 8am PST and run until about 2 daily with a lunch break each day.

We will also be having a New Year’s Eve meditation!


Many of us worked on goals for years and the retreat will include some of that. But we will also learn how to use our freedom, the depth of it, to power up our manifesting, to let it be easy, to truly surrender into having, doing and being.

The retreat will include new action steps, new stories of Lester and more freedom for All.

Are you ready to truly step into your own real manifesting power?



One hour session with Kate Freeman


Sign up by Friday, November 22, 2019, and receive a complimentary one hour private session with Kate Freeman to uncover your manifesting abilities and step into that true Life of Abundance!




Kate Freeman is Co-Founder of the Center for Releasing. She has been facilitating Releasing courses, retreats and coaching sessions for almost 35 years.

Her first mentor, Lester Levenson, was a treasured teacher, as was the great American sage, Robert Adams. The wisdom they shared is an integral part of her teaching.

Kate brings a tender but knowing attention to her work with clients, often facilitating life changing shifts with the gentleness of a whisper.

Her focus is in mirroring true presence so that students and clients can feel very safe and grounded while delving into their next challenge and letting it go very quickly.

Kate’s ability to help them drop anything in the way of their pure Unlimitedness is profound. She facilitates retreats, courses and coaching worldwide.

Kate lives in Washington State near her three wonderful children and many grandchildren. She loves to spend family time with them and also hike and kayak in the beauty of the Northwest.