The Best Year Of Your Life


Come and join us for this course
make your 2020 your best year ever!


Releasing (with lots of new ideas and fun ways to move up quickly) is a great way to begin the New Year. With a huge smile and a bang up start to everything you’ve dreamed of! If the universe all started with a big bang, then perhaps this year can be that for you.

Why not map out your plan for the year and clear the decks on anything in the way. We all know that when we write it down and Release, the magic can begin. This course will take that process further, so you have new ways to remove the blocks and attain your desires easily.

Come join us for this extraordinary foundational course – one that gives you tools you will use forever. Learn how to:

  • Gain clarity first
  • Quiet the mind for turbo-powered gains
  • See yourself in the new car, the new house, the new career and then BE in it
  • Attain goals easily and quickly by seeing yourself there
  • Remove both the conscious and the subconscious blocks by ‘following the chain’
  • Be aware of your willingness – and your unwillingness that stops you

For just $247, you can begin to make this the best year of your life, and continue to use these tools forever, to make it the most beautiful life you’ve dreamed of.

Please come join us and start the BEST Year of Your Life! Are you ready?

Course will be delivered with recordings and downloadable workbooks.


“One of the most beautiful things about participating in courses and retreats with Heart of Releasing, is to notice the wonderful transformations happening to the people who are letting go. People are shining more and more 🙂 me included.”


“Joy is here now always, in everyone and everything. Joy is the essence of ultimate freedom. It feels like the icing on and in the perfect cake. Joy is like the helium in freedom balloon-it keeps moving up!”





Kate Freeman is Co-Founder of the Center for Releasing. She has been facilitating Releasing courses, retreats and coaching sessions for almost 35 years.

Her first mentor, Lester Levenson, was a treasured teacher, as was the great American sage, Robert Adams. The wisdom they shared is an integral part of her teaching.

Kate brings a tender but knowing attention to her work with clients, often facilitating life changing shifts with the gentleness of a whisper.

Her focus is in mirroring true presence so that students and clients can feel very safe and grounded while delving into their next challenge and letting it go very quickly.

Kate’s ability to help them drop anything in the way of their pure Unlimitedness is profound. She facilitates retreats, courses and coaching worldwide.

Kate lives in Washington State near her three wonderful children and many grandchildren. She loves to spend family time with them and also hike and kayak in the beauty of the Northwest.