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Basic Releasing Course
Start Here - Basic Releasing Course

Basic Releasing Course

This foundational “How to Release” course is everything a new Releaser needs to find personal freedom through the Release Process™.

Leadership Course

Masters for Daily Releasing

Seven Releases to support you throughout your day. Kate Freeman founder of Heart of Releasing, will be leading these releases.
Beyond Identity

Beyond Identity

(Special Price $47)

We begin to peel off the layers of limitation that keep us from deep and unshakeable knowing.

Money Bags - Financial Freedom and Fun

Money Bags

Let’s explore how you can be a real “Moneybags” and create what you want, without always feeling you can’t have it.
Go all the way – A Film About Lester Levenson

Leadership Course

Empowerment Course

You have a leadership role right where you are and through your influence, you can use your skills as a Releaser to bring out the best in people.
Basic Releasing Course

Essence of Joy

Are you ready to bring more joy than ever before to your holidays? Whatever you celebrate, can you keep only joy and let it expand, creating the happiest and most uplifting December ever?

Leadership Course

Moving from Loss and Grief into Joy and Love

If you have lost a loved one or a job, home, finances, then this course is for you.
Basic Releasing Course

A Conversation About Our Differences

By discussing our experiences and Releasing, the intent is to open to deeper sharing and to open to greater Oneness everywhere.

Addiction Free Course

Addiction Free!

Break through old patterns and decide to do just what serves you, what you want to do.

Endless Love

Endless Love

When we’re loving, and when we’re using our energy to love other people, it comes back many many times over. And thats what well be exploring in this course.
Healthy Body, Beautiful Being Course

Healthy Body,
Beautiful Being

Feel more energy, more discipline and easily become more of the real YOU.

Clearing Childhood Patterns

Childhood Patterns

This course will take us deep into that childhood decision making and help us identify and let go of the old stories, conditioning and programming that we no longer need.

Heart of Releasing