Private Coaching

Our Certified Coaches have undergone an extensive training program with Kate Freeman, who trained directly with Lester Levenson, the father of Releasing.  With this powerful training and their own personal Releasing background as a strong foundation,  our CC’s are fully engaged in helping you begin or continue your empowered Releasing journey, growing all the way!

Schedule your private coaching session with any one of our wonderful Certified Coaches below.


Sessions Details

  • 60 minute session with a Certified Releasing Coach with Heart of Releasing™
  • Meeting via Zoom, in private and personal room link
  • One time fee: $100.00 (Certified Coaches) or $200 (Kate Sessions)

Teachers & Coaches

Kate Freeman, founder of Heart of Releasing, continues to provide private coaching. Please visit this page below for more information on scheduling a session with Kate.

Michael Graves has been Releasing since 2005. [Coming Soon]

Grant Kachur has been Releasing since 2018. He joined Heart Of Releasing in 2019 and became a Change Your Life member in the fall of 2020. His precision-like style of facilitating serves as a profound catalyst in leading clients to greater freedom. Grant has a peacefulness to his presence and projects a serene energy for the benefit of the Releaser. With an educational background in psychology, his thorough understanding is very supportive for healing and freedom. Grant currently lives in Western Canada and is fluent in English.

Rosa Rodriguez began Releasing in 2015 when she was experiencing financial stress. In 2019 she joined Heart of Releasing and enjoys this very simple, effective, mode of Releasing. Rosa’s wish is that everyone gets the opportunity to know what Releasing is and how it can serve their lives. Rosa speaks Spanish and English fluently.

Nihar Rangoonwala has been Releasing since 2012 and has been an active member of the Change Your Life Community since 2020. He simply loved Releasing so much that he decided to become a coach and facilitate others in letting go of their “stuff”. Nihar has an MBA and loves to work with people on their business and personal choices. He speaks English, Hindi and Gujarati.

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