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I received a lovely letter from a Change Your Life Member that I wanted to share with you. She’s detailing some gains she has had since her experience with Couples In Love. Please enjoy.

By Kate, from Australia

I was surprised to be told that a journal which I had created some time ago had sold, and I had received a small amount of income from it!! A real joy!

I noticed that a profound peacefulness was prevalent throughout almost the entire day (no matter what). What was required to be dealt with, got done and I moved on …. from which that peacefulness revealed itself for “being” …. ever-present!

I loved the group format and all those who joined and shared via video as well as “seeing and being” with real people releasing!

I found I really resonated with some of what the group shared, (courageously and openly) and this really enhanced some very old past deep-rooted “issues”, it seems from this body/mind called “K”!! Some who don’t wish to have their video on, are also supported.

Thank you to all those who joined this course – “Couples In Love” and any others within the courses on the platform too. It really is a blessing to be around that prevalent “awareness/ freedom/ beingness”. Even when the course opens up with Kate providing a group release or simply being with “her” presence overall too!!

It’s a beautiful, soft and gentle, non-forcing approach to letting go/welcoming, which I highly recommend to anyone who may be wondering whether or not to experience it or join up. It does not matter whether you are a newbie or you’ve been releasing for some time, it’s very freeing, and enhancing to experience that deeper truth to whom you really are, beyond that past emotional baggage or even that anticipated predicted future. Through releasing together as a group via video!

I’m a Certified Professional Coach and I’ve completed 3 x Sedona Method Facilitator Courses. I found these courses and the workbooks extremely easy (K.I.S.S.) and very well organized to teach the foundations of Lester Levenson’s teachings and bring forth effective releasing overall. There were some wonderful quotes and questions that enhanced “my” natural ability for releasing deeply, because they seemed to invite any ‘lingering issues’ forth, and released them (whatever they were …. !!!)

Profound Peacefulness

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