Are you ready for your ideal love?

The holiday season is in full swing, and understandably it’s a bit early this year. But the time of giving, celebration and being with loved ones is on everyone’s mind. And whether you are celebrating virtually or in person this year, it can bring you joy and peace to think of the holidays within love.

What is your definition of love? Are you living your truest life with love?

Would you like to be?

I want to tell you a story of a couple that thought they were on their way out of love. They were not living in their truth and love, really…but what they perceived as love.

Join me as I take you back to a defining moment in their relationship that changed the course of their lives.

Edward and Jennifer were what I would describe as the ideal couple on paper. When they met, it was love at first sight and they were together for a long time before having children, buying a home and establishing their lives together.

They hit some rough patches, as we all do, and they sought help in a variety of ways. They were on the brink of divorce and living separately when they found Releasing with Heart of Releasing.

When couples come to Releasing, it’s often one partner is on board fully and the other is essentially “being dragged along”. This was the case for our Edward and Jennifer. Jennifer did not want to be there, while Edward was willing to try.

Once we started to work through Releasing together, stories came up from the past that were never discussed before. These past hurts and examples from their parents were essentially defining their relationship in unspoken ways.

As we worked through these old patterns, they saw that they had a mistaken idea about love and how it really is supposed to operate. As we identified this story and then Released it, their life together changed. It changed immediately, and it continues to flourish to this day. Their switch out of the habitual and repetitive old pattern through Releasing made it possible to work through things that they hadn’t even seen before. The healing was profound.

Edward and Jennifer came to my Love Course in a last ditch effort to save a dying marriage. Following our Releasing of the trauma experienced, they walked away from the course with a fresh new perspective and cancelled the divorce. They shifted to a new life and are living their best, beautiful life today.

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