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Coach/Teacher Training

My life has drastically improved by working with Kate. It’s still unbelievable to say this but in every single area of my life that I felt I had issues, it’s either improved or completely not an issue anymore! Plus, the things that were already good in my life got even better. My relationship with my significant other has shifted so beautifully, my work is getting better and more productive, my communication is more clear and I’ve moved past major fear that has been holding me back. I also got out of a financial situation that was causing me stress. The best news of all is that I’m feeling more peace, more happiness, more quiet and I know this will continue, especially since I will be continuing to work with Kate. I highly encourage anyone reading this to try anything Kate has to offer. It’s the greatest gift you could ever experience.

Thanks for drastically improving my life, Kate!

Matt S.

Our Coach and Teacher Training is for those who feel a calling to help others Release, or to help Heart of Releasing bring this amazing teaching to the world. Or you might want to work within those frameworks to truly maximize your own growth.

You need not intend to be a teacher or coach to take part. You can do it simply for your own growth or to help Heart of Releasing, Inc. share the teaching with the world.

The training is two parts – you will first qualify as a Coach.

Coach Training

Once certified as an HR Coach, you can work with others in your own business, whether you use it for coaching on your own, or in your chiropractic, massage, dentistry, medical office or other lines of healing or service work. As we all know, letting go makes everything easier and that includes all of the above.

The Coach Training will not be separate but will be the beginning section of the Teacher Training.

Becoming certified as a coach usually takes approximately 4 – 6 months, depending on the person and their abilities and implementation of what they are learning.

If you are a new Releaser and unfamiliar with the simple and elegant HR way of Releasing, it may take you a bit longer than someone who has been Releasing for several years. And too, sometimes unlearning other habits can take a little longer as well.

To continue to be a part of Heart of Releasing and become a Certified HR Teacher, you will undergo much more intensive training and show deepening commitment to the mission and the work.

A few of the things we will be exploring during the Coach and Teacher Training include (not necessarily in order):

  • Releasing, both leading others and receiving the questions
  • Preparing for and completing the call or session
  • Public speaking
  • Sharing Releasing with others freely and easily
  • How to market yourself as a Certified Coach
  • Looking deeply inside – the joys of introspection
  • Coaching skills – questions, meeting targets and creating satisfaction
  • Communication practices
  • Elephant in the room (Getting your ego out of the way)
  • Group dynamics – in and out of the room
  • Bringing awareness to the entire room
  • Best Presentation – you and your image
  • Pride – the one that trips us up – watching for it – letting go
  • Freedom – how much do you want it?
  • Best ways to market yourself as an HR Coach
  • And a whole lot more…

To begin the Coach Training, a down payment of $1997 will get you started. This will show your strong intention to become an HR Coach. There will also be a monthly payment of $97 to cover the private sessions involved.

The official training sessions will be bi-monthly or even weekly at some points. They will include small group sessions with the other Coach and Teacher Candidates, so you can Release and practice giving feedback together.

You will be expected to be a Change Your Life member through the entirety of training and attend many of the Monday and Tuesday Releasing online support calls during the training and later, you will lead some of them.

If you are not able to attend any of the meetings, you can listen to recordings and the feedback. And of course, it is always better to be there live. The feedback you give about these calls will help the person receiving it as well as those giving feedback.

Kate or a senior teacher will give feedback occasionally to the presenter and you will learn a great deal from their many years of experience and deep insight.

You will learn the intricacies of these calls and the best ways to gently move someone forward.

You will also learn how to keep your ego out of it and to recognize and Release when it shows up.

Being able to Release during your work with someone is an integral part of helping them and of course, it helps you too. Your Releasing while working with them is another ‘nudge’ to help their letting go.

The $97 monthly fee will cover at least one monthly private session with Kate or a senior teacher. Since the regular rate for a private session is considerably more than this, you are gaining a valuable bonus.

These sessions will help you Release what is operating (any conditioning or blockages) in you and will bring clarity and openness to your work with others and your own inner work as well. The private sessions will begin as soon as you register.

Your ongoing growth and freedom are the key and will be the true measurement of your readiness to be an HR Coach or Teacher.

This Coach/Teacher Training is very intensive, so be prepared to look deeply and Release whatever may be stopping you.  Our work to become better Coaches and Teachers is always substantive work to free ourselves from any negativity or blockages.

Teacher Training

The Teacher Training will happen after you have become a Certified Coach. This will involve a deeper commitment and another registration payment. It will be more intensive and will require an even deeper involvement with Heart of Releasing.

You need not desire to be a Heart of Releasing Teacher to become a Certified Heart of Releasing Coach. Teacher training is by invitation, and usually for those who have a strong intention to help Heart of Releasing and bring Releasing to the world.

The Teacher Training will also include additional modules on

  • Course Design
  • Working through the preparation for the courses
  • Putting together materials for a course
  • Catchy names for courses
  • Your life’s work?
  • When you’re ‘off work’
  • Keeping the teaching pure and simple


If this sounds like something that is appropriate and exciting for you, please complete the application (link here) if you have not already done so. 

If you have applied and paid your registration fee, you will be speaking with Kate on or before the first meeting to make sure you’re on the same page and understand the program and the requirements. The sooner you pay your $1997 registration fee, the sooner you will speak with Kate.


The First Meeting

The first meeting will be held April 9 and 10 at 8:30 – 11:30 am Pacific time on a Zoom call. The initial meetings will all be online and recorded. We hope this will facilitate making the training easier for you and helping Releasing go out to the world quickly.

If your heart is excited to be a Certified HR Coach, or you want to share this amazing letting go process with the world, or you want to help Heart of Releasing do that, please come.

Come even if your intention is to be as free as you can be, and not necessarily to teach. The most important part of it all is your willingness to let go and your desire to be free.

I look forward to seeing you in the April meeting! In the meantime, if you want to become more familiar with our teaching, please become a member of HR’s website and tell your friends about our site and our courses.

Other live Coach and Teacher Trainings may be held after retreats this year or next, so I hope you can attend live or online – they will be live-streamed. We will be covering so much and it is good to be together to do that.


If you have a deep desire to help others or to be free, come join us!  We look forward to having you with us.