Are you ready for sitting around the (virtual) table this holiday season?

As you speak to your friends and family this holiday season, can you imagine your reactions and feelings to what they are saying? Are you speaking to them in love and gratitude? Are you reacting to their thoughts and being relaxed in your reaction?

It’s not always easy to Release though these feelings, but with some practice we can gain a centered and focused attitude you are able to bring to the (virtual) table.

I have a bonus for you today that I recorded shortly after the State of the Union this year, and this can provide you with a sample of what we accomplish in our courses.

No matter where you stand with politics this year, we can all agree that being grateful for the time spent with family and friends, however that will look, will be incredibly important.

I hope you found this bonus helpful and it brings you some gains this week in preparing for the upcoming political atmosphere we are in.

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