Wanting Approval

One of the Heart of Releasing students wrote to me recently and asked about wanting approval.

I responded that wanting approval is wanting love, wanting respect or wanting friendship; wanting to be liked. It is wanting our friends and family to think well of us. It is the sense of lacking the love or approval. Lack = want.

I received the following email from a different person, to my email response:

Thank you for your email.

I am interested to learn how would you recommend someone to deal with that kind of want or lack? Often times it is not easy to let go of the want. Could you please elaborate on the subject matter?

Here’s my answer:

See if you can feel deeply into that yearning/wanting love or approval.

And then allow yourself to open (you can visualize a shell opening or a doorway, if you need that assist) and just allow the wanting to leave… take your time.

As you let go of more, it will become easier and easier.

And you can welcome it too… Just allow yourself to open and let any wanting approval or wanting love to be here, all that you can… and then allow it to pass through and leave.

When I say ‘welcome’, I mean allowing it to be here totally and then pass through.

It is more an inner movement like physically throwing a baseball or tennis ball than a quick, sudden movement; a long, smooth allowing in and letting go…

And of course, you can use this with wanting control or wanting safety as well.

Hoping this helps!

I love to get your letters and to hear from you.

If you have questions or comments, let’s talk.

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