Your Empowered Life

Your Empowered Life Course

with Kate Freeman


Your Empowered Life Course

Do you know what your true power is? 

And where it comes from?

Knowing where your power comes from is the beginning of self realization.  Once you see and experience that, you can dive deeply into it!  

And too, you can begin to see clearly why we often sabotage the very power we have built to sustain us.

This course is about all the places we sabotage and limit our own power.

And how to drop that forever!

We will explore what keeps us from having our own unlimited power in every minute.  

This will be a powerful course in manifesting easily.  

The most important force in life will be yours!

You will learn how to open to the true power you are and embody it in a whole different way!

Are you ready to epitomize your true power? 

Join us in November for what will ultimately be a mighty and valiant experience in your life. Are you ready??

We are excited to have you with us as we all become more of the epitome of Power – our birthright and our true essence.

I teach private guitar, piano, and voice lessons.

I had about 15 students at the start of the Acceleration Course. By about a week after the course ended, I had TEN new people requesting lessons!


I have no words to express what this course has meant to me. It has been the most wonderful experience I’ve had as a releaser. I’m glad you encouraged me to sign up. I have discovered really fantastic people with whom I feel to have a bond based on respect and love. Part of my program is that my mind always criticizes my teachers. None is enough. With you, however, my mind has had no where to cling to. Thank you so much for everything.


Kate has diligently applied her Releasing “craft” across many years of issue-filled living, growing as she went. Now she takes both beginning Releasers and old veterans and coaches them effectively toward the unfolding of their souls.


One of the most beautiful things about participating in courses and retreats with Heart of Releasing, is to notice the wonderful transformations happening to the people who are letting go. People are shining more and more – me included.


About Kate Freeman


Kate Freeman, Founder, Heart of Releasing

Kate has been facilitating Releasing courses, retreats and coaching sessions for over 35 years.

Kate brings a tender but knowing attention to her work with clients, often facilitating life-changing shifts with the gentleness of a whisper.

Her focus is in mirroring true presence so that students and clients can feel very safe and grounded while delving into their next challenge and letting it go very quickly.

Kate’s ability to help them drop anything in the way of their pure Unlimitedness is profound. She facilitates retreats, courses and coaching worldwide.

Course Program

Your Empowered Life Course

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    • Includes all course materials and access to course for (3 months)

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As always, we offer a “stuff back guarantee”. If following this course, you would like any of your “stuff” that you Released back, we will provide all of it back. (No one has ever asked for that!)

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